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Careers Week for Year 12s


19 June 2024





About the Activity

During Careers Week at a local comprehensive school for Year 12 students, Sahar Sattar and Meg McNamee participated in an outreach program to share their educational journeys and career pathways. They took leadership in organizing a series of group sessions, where students rotated between talks and themes. They discussed their GCSE, A Level, and degree choices, what they enjoyed and didn’t enjoy along the way, and the various career options now available to them as a result. Additionally, they spoke about the interesting projects happening in the BEST Lab, the various things being created and studied everyday, and the widespread impact of biomedical engineering. This interactive format allowed Sahar and Meg to engage with the students in an open dialogue, providing valuable insights into how to keep their options open and inspiration as they prepare to apply to university.

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